Top 5 Classes to Take in High School

Caden Ollar, Reporter

It doesn’t seem like it’s been too long, but 3rd quarter is almost over. Next year will look even more similar to how it was before COVID, but some new students don’t know how normal classes will look next year. People may struggle to figure out what classes to pick. Enrollment has just concluded recently, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any time left to change your schedule. Here are a few classes I think would be good choices for any student to take.


1: Any Foreign Language. Whether it’s French or Spanish, foreign language is important both in school and outside of it. Doing at least 2 years of foreign language is one of the qualifications to be a curriculum completer, which could earn you scholarships. Besides that, learning a new language is a life skill and also a free credit if you or your family members already speak that language at home.


2: Consumer & Personal Finance. There are many videos online that tell you school doesn’t teach you anything about the real world, but this class is here for just that purpose. You learn how to manage money, create savings accounts, and do taxes. Yes, it sounds boring, but these things are too important to miss out on. If you’re going to take any of the classes on this list, take this one.


3: Web Page Design. Job offers relating to web design and development are everywhere. Almost everything we do is online. Web design shows you the fundamentals of designing a website by teaching HTML and CSS. You even get to make your own website as your final. It’s a fun class that can lead you into a good paying job.


4: Environmental Science. Getting outside and helping the community is great, and now you can get credit for it. Environmental Science lets you grow the school garden out by the bus drop off and work on the path through the woods. You also get to measure air quality and do fun projects. It’s a great hands-on science class (and Ms. Thomas is a great teacher).


5: Film American History. Do you like history and want to watch movies in class? Film American History gives you an entire semester of just that. Some of the movies are darker than others, but all of them give context to an important event that happened during America’s history. As long as you’re paying attention, you get to learn even if it doesn’t feel like learning.