Back to Business

Caden Ollar, Reporter

The amount of school activities that COVID shut down this year is staggering. Lunch is in our classes, remote learning is common, and there are almost no normal snow days anymore. Luckily, some of the services from previous years are opening up. The school store is one of those services that is reopening, now by doing deliveries to classes.

“The school store traditionally operates as a small convenience store that sells food, drinks, and Turner apparel with a few other things like hand sanitizer, lip balm, etc.” sponsor Kim Biasella said. “In previous years we have been open during lunch and other special occasions depending upon demand and requests from the community. However, this year, we have moved our operation to an online store.”

Deliveries and other store-related activities are run by the students currently in Business Entrepreneurship and Economics and other business clubs. They decide what to sell, what price it will be, and what to restock.

“They are running a small business on a daily basis,” Biasella said. “This includes both the fun and challenging parts of running a business.”

There are also many products available for purchase, including Turner themed clothes, food, and drinks.

“We sell a variety of Turner or Bear themed apparel – from socks and hats to sweats (hoodies, pants, or crew) plus an assortment of t-shirts with different graphic designs,” Biasella said.

While the school store may be going back to business, another popular store, the Café, will have to wait until next year. The schoolwide favorite has decided to remain closed.

“Unfortunately, we will not be able to open to students this year.” manager Dawn Diaz said. “This was a hard decision but a necessary one at this time. For now, we will practice by making drinks and giving them away to staff.”

Even so, at least pieces of the school are returning to normal. It’s unfortunate that the Café won’t be open, but school life will be returning to what it once was.