Merry Miguel-Mendoza, Reporter

Why have school spirit you may be asking? School spirit is not only about showing spirit but it’s the sense of identity and community you share with other students. According to studies, Students with school spirit do more than show support for their school. They perform better in their academics, get more involve, and are more social. The majority of principals (92%) feel that school spirit is tied to high student achievement.


What can you do to have more school spirit?


1. GAMES: Go and support at the games. Students are always encouraged to go to the games and show off their spirit. Hanging posters and making a student section in the stands is called having spirit. The teams tend to do better and try their best with all the support they have on the side.


2.   SPIRIT WEEK: Participating in spirit week gets your other classmates to participate too. You don’t have to spend money. Get that old shirt and be creative with it.



Wearing your school merch is one of the best ways to show off your school spirit. Don’t have school merch? Wear your school colors. Everyone should have some type of turner wear. Wear your merch to school, to other schools, games, assembly’s, parades, and so much more.


  1. GET INVOLVED: You can get involved by volunteering. Joining things such as Leadership, Link crew, StuCo, and so much more! Not only does this look good on college applications but this helps you have a positive attitude about your school.


  1. HASHTAG YOUR SCHOOL: Posting a picture online? Have something to spread? Use hashtags on your posts. You can spread it with your school and friends. #schoolname. #schoolcolors. #schoolmascot