Top 5 Scary Movies

Top 5 Scary Movies

Gilberto Reyes, Reporter

2012 Sinister, Directed by Scott Derrickson


A horror-thriller film, a true-crime writer Ellison Oswald and family move into a victim’s home because he hasn’t had a best seller in more than 10 years and is becoming increasingly desperate for a hit. While moving in he goes to the attic and discovers a box with snuff films that show the death of a family, and vows to solve the mystery. However, the old film footage and other clues hint at the presence of supernatural force. This movie has the right mood for a horror movie, so I Definity recommend others to watch it if you haven’t yet.


2011 The Cabin in the Woods, Directed by Drew Goddard

The Cabin in the Woods

A horror-mystery, a group of friends go to a cabin in some woods, but they were always watched by people. These people just make sure that they go to the cabin and let the group of friends choose a way to die. Soon later the 3 of the 5 die and found out the truth about what happening around them. It is not scary but there are a ton of monsters and has some typical horror movie scenes. The plot is good, and it has a good twist in the end.




2010 Insidious, Directed by James Wan


A horror-thriller, a Family moves into a new house and after a couple of days takes a drastic turn. One of their sons is soon comatose and later they realize that he is possessed by a malevolent entity. They get help from a woman that works in paranormal activity, and she sent the dad into a world that is in his mind, so he can get his son out without getting possessed. There is also a twist in the end which would lead to the next movie of this series.




1973 The Exorcist, Directed by William Friedkin

The Exorcist:

In a horror-supernatural movie, a young girl named Regan is 12 years old and suddenly she gets possessed by a mysterious entity, her mother seeks help from two priests in order to save her. During the Exorcism, you’ll see the part where the girl gets harmed by the mysterious entity by hurting herself. She is also floating, twisting her head around 360 degrees, and has enormous strength.




2021 Fear Street Series, Directed by Leigh Janiak

Fear Street Series:

A horror-mystery, this series is all about solving the truth about brutal slayings that are happening around a town called Shadyside. Soon later they found a body that belongs to the witch they believe cursed the town but a girl bleeds from her nose and sees image of the witch. After seeing the images past killer tries to kill the girl that saw the witch. Each part has some type of good kills and flashbacks of previous killers killing people. Now this movie has three parts, and each part is almost 2 hours long but is worth finding out the truth behind these killings.