Mrs. Supple Q&A



    1. What is your role at THS besides teaching?
      “I spend half the day as the 10-12 A-K Assistant Principal and half the day as a reading interventionist.”

      2. How did you get into that role?
      “I was just fortunate to be joining the Turner family at the right time!”

      3. Where were you before coming to THS?
      “I have been at Atchison High School for the past six years.”

      4. So far, what’s your favorite thing about THS?
      “I have two favorite things-
      First, we have awesome students at THS; I love getting to know them and watching them participate in athletics and activities!
      Second, we have the most caring, compassionate teachers here at THS; they inspire me to try to be my best self every day!”

      5. Miss. Epperson told me you’re getting a Doctorate; can you tell me some struggles that come with getting your Doctorate degree or what it’s like getting a Doctorate?
      “I am! I am almost done with my coursework and preparing to start my exams and dissertation this summer. The biggest struggle this semester has been time management- it has been extremely important to stay organized to meet my obligations for class every week as well as stay on top of my responsibilities at work.”

      6. What are your plans for the future here at THS.
      “I just want to do anything I can to support teachers as they support our students and to work with Dr. Penrose, Mr. St. Louis, and Dr. Lizar to continue to make THS a great place for students to learn!”