Jeff Wright: Head Custodian


Chloe Fleming, Editor in Chief

The THS custodians are the unsung heroes of our school. They prepare the school for events, keep the school in shape, and give the students a clean environment to learn in. Recently Jeff Wright, the Night Lead Custodian has been promoted to Head Custodian of THS.

Wright has been with the district since 2017 as a custodian that comes in during the night. Since the promotion to Head Custodian, Wright has continued working at the school, but during the day.

“This school year has been different for me as I am now on days. I get to see many more students in the halls now,” Wright says, “when at night I would only see students around the building only during practices and games.”

As Head Custodian, Wright’s duties change from cleaning classrooms and doing minor fixes, such as changing light bulbs, to more repairing and coordinating.

“As Head Custodian my duties change from [cleaning and fixes] to more of repairing, as I maintain the building more than other custodians.” Wright says, “Things like doors, lights, toilets, and urinals when they break or get damaged. The things I am unable to repair, I let maintenance take care of.”

The events that need coordination vary from plays and sporting events to meetings. All of those things need things planning and instruction given to the night custodians. Coordination also must be done with construction crews if the school is being given new upgrades.

“All those [events] need setups and breakdowns that need to be coordinated with the night custodians, so they know what they need to do and how to set it up.” Wright says, “When the building gets special or new upgrades, I also must coordinate with the construction contractors so they can get what they need to get done, done.”

The THS custodians have done and will continue to do a fantastic job taking care of our school under the direction of Mr. Wright.