The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, Or Is It?

Do you love Christmas? Take a look at some THS students’ opinions on whether Christmas is a good or bad time of the year and what it means to them!


Chloe Fleming, Editor in Chief

As Christmas break approaches at THS we are all faced with holiday preparations. We have to clean, go Christmas shopping, make baked goods, and do whatever else we like to do during the holidays. Not only are there preparations to be done but there is also the entire Christmas season to worry about. There is Christmas music to be played and movies to be watched. But how do THS students feel about all of it? Do they like it, as most people do, or do they find it exhausting?

The verdict is split between the freshman and the sophomores. Freshmen, Lucas Yang and Samantha Stathas are strong advocates for this jolly time of the year. Sophomores Natalie Smith and James Wesley are strongly opposed to holiday cheer.

Christmas time is seen as a season of joy and unity. Christmas movies portray the joy of Christmas and show that dreams really do come true.

“[The Christmas season] makes me feel jolly and all warm inside.” Yang says, “You get the feeling that you’re loved, everyone is happy, and you think about other people and what they like.”

While Christmas evokes these warm feelings for some, others feel differently. They feel that Christmas is a time of fighting and disagreement and full of unnecessary work.

“I hate Christmas.” Smith says, “Christmas music is all the same and Christmas in my family is kind of hard because my family doesn’t get along very well.”

For many students, Christmas is seen as a separate season than Winter. Those students that don’t enjoy the Christmas season have expressed that this sentiment does not extend to Winter as well.

“I love winter I just hate Christmas,” Smith says.

For others, it depends on the weather of the winter that year. For some, the cold weather is what makes them not like it.

“It really depends on how winter is.” Wesley says, “If it’s excessively cold the whole time, then I’ll start to dislike winter, but this winter has not been extremely cold, so it’s pretty cool.”

The students that dislike Christmas can also agree that Christmas music is one of the worst parts of the season.

“I hate Christmas music.” Smith says, “It’s all the same, it’s cheerful and really annoying.”

The Christmas enthusiasts among us can agree that family is one of the best parts of Christmas.

“Spending time with my family on Christmas Eve,” Stathas says, “and getting to enjoy the moments and memories that we make [are the best parts of Christmas].”

For others, seeing others spend time with one another brings joy.

“I like how you get to get together with people and get to interact with everyone.” Yang says, “The unique interactions people have with each other are the things I like.”

For our sophomores, Christmas is not the most wonderful time of the year, but for our freshmen it is. What do you think? Is Christmas the most wonderful time of the year?