Basketball Coach Feature


Chloe Fleming, Editor in Chief

Q: Why did the chicken cross the basketball court? Read to the bottom of the article to find the answer!


As the basketball season is upon us, we get to celebrate the teams for their wins and losses. Even more, we get to celebrate the coaches that lead the teams to victory.

This year the head coach of the boys’ team is Coach Hall, and for the girls’ team, it is Coach Newton. Both coaches have a history of playing basketball and coaching.

“I played from age 9-26 years old,” Hall says.

Both coaches have traveled in their basketball career, Newton more locally than Hall.

“I played in high school at Wyandotte, junior college at Neosho County, major college at University of Oklahoma,” Newton says, “and professionally for the Oklahoma City Storm.”

Both coaches have expressed that their favorite part about coaching this year has been their interactions with the students.

“Coaching the positive attitudes,” Hall says, “and laying the foundation of what it takes to be a successful team.”

While this school year all the students and staff are adjusting to changes, they may face some challenges. Since students weren’t able to play basketball and many other sports a few years ago, they may struggle with having experience in the game. However, it is not the struggle that will define the team, but how they overcome it.

“Our biggest challenge is gaining experience in the game.” Newton says, “I believe we will learn to handle it very well.”

While the season is just starting, everyone is optimistic about the future of THS basketball teams!




A: Because the Referee was calling fowls!