New Year’s Resolution


Alyssa Langton, Reporter

“New year, new me”.  New Year’s Resolutions are a way to set a goal for yourself to try and accomplish during the New Year. These goals could be anything you want. Usually, your goal is something that can improve your life in some way. For example, a resolution I set for myself is to stay organized in my school and home life. I can do this by writing in my planner and keeping track of things. Your resolutions could be anything from using less technology to drinking more water.

On a survey created some students answered with what their resolutions were. Some of these were:

“My new year’s resolution is to speak my mind more often & to fight for what I want” Sophomore, Lacey Buxton said.

“To be less shy” Junior, Isabella Fernandez said.

“Talk to new people!!” Sophomore, Max Gray said.

“Make that bag” Sophomore, Bethany Gouvion said.

“To be less of a jerk and actually treat a woman right.” Senior, Ivan Ruiz said.

Are New Year’s resolutions really worth doing?

According to “The conversation” They state “80% of people agree that most people won’t stick to their resolutions. This pessimism is somewhat justified. Only 4% of people report following through on all of the resolutions they personally set.” So, if people aren’t meeting their goals and admitting to not going through with them, why do we set these goals? Yes and no. Setting Goals is important but can be difficult to achieve and might not be met. But if you do meet your goals, it can be very rewarding and shows hard work.

How do you set an archivable goal?

Make it personal to you and give you value. Reframe your resolutions to get them done. For example, if your goal is “Lose weight” you can set a goal of walking every day for 30 mins and eating better.  Break your goal down into small steps to get it all done. Be realistic with your goal. Create a plan for your goal. Reward yourself when you meet your small steps to your resolution. Tell friends, family, teachers, anyone, to have some positive encouragement.

Do you have any goals for the New Year?