Valentine’s Day gift ideas


Alyssa Langton, Reporter

February is the month of love! Valentine’s day is coming up; here are a few gift ideas for you to use to help get the perfect gift for someone. There are so many different things you can by your friends, significant others, or both! You can get them anything that will be valuable to them. Everyone appreciates gifts especially if they are sentimental.

One gift you could get someone is a simple gift basket or gift box. These are big gifts filled with smaller gifts inside. You can personalize the gift and make it special for your person.

Basket or just little gift ideas:

  • A soft & comfy blanket
  • Some sweet treats!
  • Small stuffed animals
  • Candles
  • Love letters
  • Chocolate covered strawberries
  • .. specifically roses, the love flower!
  • Fluffy socks
  • A photo album of you and that special person
  • A mug with a sweet message, maybe even include hot cocoa
  • Personalized keychains
  • Framed photos
  • Lotion, perfume, or cologne
  • Homemade gifts

Of course, there are so many more things you can get someone that would be perfect and meaningful to them. Some people appreciate just a simple card expressing your love.

If you want some ideas of things that could be more heartfelt and would be something more sentimental you could get some pretty jewelry. You could get a necklace, a promise ring, a pretty bracelet. You could make these all personal by adding initials, names, & meaningful words.

On the more expensive side, you could order one of those strawberry or fruit bouquets. These can be purchased online, or you can order them at some stores.

Anything you buy should line up with the person you are buying for, make sure you have an idea of what they would want/need. Good luck with your shopping & Happy Valentine’s Day!!