What to do on a snow day


Alyssa Langton, Reporter

Although we haven’t had many snow days so far this year, you can always prepare for that chilly day. The perfect snow day is when school cancels the night before, so you have plenty of time to prepare and stay up late. Snow, ice, and cold weather all call for hot cocoa, blankets, and a good movie. The best snow days are around Christmas time so you can watch Christmas movies and get excited. You can also get some simple snacks around the house like popcorn and chips to have with your hot cocoa and movies.

Something else you can do is some small things around your house too. You can clean your room, organize your house and do so many small projects. You can also work on missing school; it is a free day to get all your work finished and turned in. It is a good time to get a lot of small things done.

One of the best parts of snow days is sleeping in. No one likes getting up so early to go to school so getting to sleep in and or sleep all day is perfect.

On our last snow day, it was a virtual day. These days aren’t as fun as snow days, but we were lucky since it was a half-day, we didn’t have much schoolwork to do. Virtual days can be just as fun, just join your classes, and in between them you can watch movies, sleep, do work, and prepare for the next school day.

If you are lucky enough, you may live near friends or family that you could have over. If you can’t have them over, you could facetime or call them. If the roads are good enough, and it is not too crazy cold, you can go sledding.