Thoughts on the Wifi

Nico Facio, Writer

The school Wifi on our phones has been a controversial topic for the past few years as the school Wifi has been on our phones before they took it away for some unknown reason. Which has made things more difficult for students to do certain things. It’s easier to look something up on your phone then it is to pull your laptop out and search for it. We should have it back because it benefits everyone the students and the teachers. I can kind of understand why they got rid of the Wifi because people were on their phone not doing their work, they also got rid of it because students were on their phone too much and they could possibly do inappropriate things, but it was useful to the students as people had the Wifi on their phone and used it to look up things they were having trouble finding. And students had to go out of their way to go the Wifi and when they did get the Wifi they just ended up change the password. It’s just a consent battle with students all for something so simple it just confuses that Turner doesn’t want the students to have the Wifi on their phones. If teachers have Wifi why can’t students have Wifi. It’s simple what need to be done, they need to let students have the Wifi back on their phones, it just made things easier for students and teachers.