Free the Smiles: Mask Free School!

Student smiles light up the new school year!



Link Crew Greeting Freshmen with mask-free smiles!

In January of 2020, an outbreak of disease known as Covid-19 swept the nation. Infecting and affecting everything and everyone, face coverings became everyday attire. Students learned the struggles of education online and many had to adjust to a different in-person learning environment. However, Covid-19 had its peak, and we are now returning to normal. No more MacBook Chem classes, masks, or even social distancing. Turner High is now mask free and students are rather impartial.


Many students have been unable to experience High school without Covid restrictions, making masks and social distancing the new normal. “This is a new experience, the last time without masks was freshman year. It’s nice to see everyone’s expressions.” Senior Damarys Nieto said.


Although some are glad to be mask-ridden, others aren’t so enthusiastic. “Some students need to wear a mask because their breath stinks.” Senior Abril Vasquez said.


Masks, whether you love them or hate them, face coverings were an essential for not only in-person education but, for the rest of society for almost two years. Although it may have been an adjustment, it’s definitely a story to tell.