A New Chapter for Turner’s Mr. Sierant


Long Time Turner Teacher Mr. Sierant

Grace Golubski, Chief Reporter

From every lecture and test to each graduating class from another, the role of an educator is so frequently undervalued. Teachers play the part of leading each student closer to success. Many people dedicate their lives to impact and improve others. However, eventually the years add up and as soon as you know it, the retirement plan is just around the corner.

English teacher Peter Sierant has been with Turner for 28 years, with a total of 32 years as an educator. After decades of teaching, Sierant has decided to retire. The class of 2023 will be Sierant’s last year teaching for Turner.

“It just feels like the right time to go somewhere else and try a new experience, a new thing. It’s just kind of like a final chapter in the book. But there’s a caveat to that, I’m struggling with it a lot. This has been my room for 20-something years. I’m going to miss it more than I think.” Sierant said.

Sierant’s passion for the matter of education is rather inspirational. Teaching for him is about more than just the learning aspect. He values each class and student as their own. “Being a teacher at Turner means you have to care. About each student individually. Everyone has their own story; everyone is coming from a different place.”

Becoming an educator is about more than robotically reciting textbook-information and copy-pasting it on the test. It’s about a commitment to impacting the next generation. Sierant has more than succeeded in his role of an educator.

“It was fun to watch kids from freshmen-seniors to graduate and now they are doing pretty well for themselves. That made my life rich. That made the experience of working with people here that much more rewarding and fulfilling. You can’t tell someone who doesn’t understand education that, that means a lot.”

Although Sierant’s time at Turner is slowly coming to an end, he chooses to appreciate the memories he has made, all while making new ones. “I’m gonna miss those small moments. The happiness and joy people have when they cross the stage and get their diploma. Even though they hurt at the end of the year, I’m gonna miss the saying goodbye to students.” Sierant said.

Sierant’s memory as an educator here at Turner will not be forgotten. While the students and staff are sad to see him go, the Turner community wishes him nothing but luck on his new journey!