The THS Yearbook is at the Printer!

Reserve your “Hear Us Roar” 2023 Yearbook TODAY!

Since the start of the first semester, the Turnerite yearbook has been putting a lot of effort into producing a high-quality yearbook. Yearbook is a class where you not only take photos, but you also write stories and reach out to the students that don’t get enough recognition. The Turnerite Yearbook wanted to make sure that everyone was acknowledged this year. The staff created the theme “Hear Us Roar” this theme was made to ensure that students are being seen and getting a piece of their high school life into the book. A yearbook is a great way to look at the year as a whole and have a little piece of history to take with you throughout the rest of your life. The staff has spent countless hours perfecting and finding confidence with the book.


Mr. Walleck, who oversaw yearbooks at JC Harmon around ten years ago, is the advisor for the class this year. He was eager to take charge of the yearbook this year and was filled with enthusiasm. When asked how he feels about the yearbook this year he stated “This year’s yearbook was so much fun. It came out better than I even expected.” Walleck explained his favorite memory from this year’s yearbook was “How impressive all the students that were in the class were. They all exceeded my expectations. What I really like is that the staff really took a personal investment in it and wanted to make it good.” The theme this year was a tough decision for the staff Walleck expressed “Once we all agreed that “Hear Us Roar” was going to be the theme everybody embraced it and it really helped our yearbook becoming a unified and professional looking yearbook.”


The Turnerite staff this year included 30 staff members and 5 editors. The yearbook’s challenging part this year was the class’s division into two different classes. With two classes, collaboration—which is essential to the staff—was challenging. One of the editors Olivia Chacon has been on staff since last year. She explained “It was very difficult at the beginning. There was a big problem with communication, and it was difficult knowing who was doing what or why something changed. We had to work around it a lot.” Chacon also expressed how they picked the theme for the yearbook stating “We had staff members pitch their ideas and the best ones we put in a presentation. I think we picked this theme because it seemed classic and that was our goal. There was also a lot of freedom with this theme.”


“Hear Us Roar” as the theme allows all students to be included in the book. This theme is different from past Turner High Yearbooks. It has a traditional feel with the school colors and a goal of including everyone. The staff has worked very hard on this book and would love for you to purchase one or maybe three!


The book is $60 which seems like a lot but trust me it is worth it! To purchase your yearbook, reach out to Mr. Walleck at [email protected] or speak to the bookkeeper to get it on your fees!