(Un)Spirited week

A student voices opinion about lack of school spirit

Viktoria Steineger, Reporter

Spirit is inherently subjective to personal opinion, but when it comes to our school, I think most of us can agree that we do not have a ton of school spirit.

Perhaps the seniors buy end of the year merchandise for memory’s sake, and the rest of us might occasionally wear our long-closeted merch for extra credit during spirit week, yet once all has been said and done, we still lack support for our own school.

Think of it, how many football games do you go to each year? Perhaps a few, let’s say.However, how many volleyball games have you attended? Golf? Soccer? Band performances? Exactly.

The spirit and soul of this school has been exercised from it, and who even cares? On Fridays, many of us spend our time at home watching any form of entertainment to occupy ourselves from the fact that we have absolutely nothing else better to do, other than a few assignments. 

The concept of school spirit in our case is below average.Attending games doesn’t even matter anymore.

Not many paint their faces except for the cheerleaders.Many of us only went out into the hall to congratulate the wrestlers on going to state last year because we had an announcement which ordered us to do so.

How come we lose just about every game, including our first game of the season? Do you think anyone feels energized to play if there’s hardly anyone cheering them on in the stands? Who is there to play for at that point? Casper? 

I’m not saying that we have absolutely no spirit left, for then there would be no one at all attending any sports events, nor public events such as Turner Days or the alumni game.

The real point I’m trying to get across is that this school lacks support.Many students agree upon the thought that Turner isn’t a school which is high in standards of popularity or moral good, but we can’t expect anything to change if we, ourselves, don’t.