Life in the Fast Lane

Swim or Sink Time


Photo courtesy of Yearbook Photographer Rita Yanez

Chloe Fleming, Editor in Chief

Many sports have faced challenges throughout this year from not being able to play to not being able to do all of the things that they had wanted to. Through it all, the students have been able to overcome the difficulties and make the best of what they have been given. This is no different than what the swim team has done. They have faced many challenges along the way, but they continue to overcome them and strive to be better.

This year some of the biggest challenges the team faces are academics, technique, pushing each other to do better, and their speed.

Many students have been struggling to keep up their grades this year.

“I would like to see us improve academically.” Assistant coach, Andrew Tovar says, “Grades should be the priority for any sport.”

The students have to adapt to a completely different way of learning that doesn’t suit everyone’s learning style. As well as adding sports and other extracurriculars to that, academics are hard to keep up with, however, it is not impossible.

“We need to improve on having better grades,” Freshman Brock Beery says, “we also need to get faster”

Gaining speed has definitely been a challenge for the team this year, as many of the participants were quarantined and practices were canceled, this is why it is so important for the team to push each other to do better. To make up for the lost time.

“As a whole, we all need to work on technique,” Sophomore David Aguilar says, “we also need to work on pushing each other more.”

“I feel like we could try and push each other even more,” Sophomore Tobe Xiong says, “by doing that, we could go and improve ourselves and the team itself.”

Despite the challenges that the team has faced, they have also made many accomplishments this year. Faster times, endurance, improved relays, and breathing techniques are only some of the things the team has achieved this year.

“We have definitely improved on speed overall,” Team Captain, Junior Calvin Denson says, “we have also improved the technicality in our strokes.”

“We continue to grow and push each other as a team,” Xiong says, “growing and creating a special bond.”

“We are more dedicated to working harder,” Tovar says, “and we are actively seeking improvement.”

As the season progresses, I am sure they will continue to improve in their technique and in pushing each other to be their best.

This year, the swim team has eight people, about the same amount as last year.

“This year, with Covid, we have many superficial challenges.” Tovar says, “But the ultimate challenge for any high school team is recruitment.”

Each person on the team would encourage anyone who is interested to join the team. Each of them describes it as a fun sport and a great workout.

“I would most definitely encourage someone to swim as it’s fun and a great workout,” Sophomore Dominick Garcia says, “the team is just good overall.”

Swimming has changed many people for the better, changing their work ethic and giving them lessons that they will use throughout their lives.

“Swimming completely changed my work ethic as a whole,” Freshman Bradley Ogden says, “I was very lazy and just slept all day, and now I’m able to do something during the day”

“Swimming has taught me how to push through things even when it gets hard,” Denson says, “it has also changed me physically as well as mentally.”

Many of the members of the team would even say that joining the swim team has helped them become stronger, or just to stay in shape.

“I started swimming because I wanted to do three sports,” Junior David Spillman says, “and I also wanted to stay in shape.”

“I started swimming because I wanted to lose weight,” Aguilar says, “I also wanted to get in shape.”

Many of the people on the team are planning to continue swimming in the future. If not in college, then until their senior year or on a club team.

“For me,” Xiong says, “I believe it’ll just be a high school thing.”

“I see myself definitely swimming in a club, or at a school in the future,” Garcia says, “I love swimming casually and as a sport.”

Being a part of a sports team during high school can open many doors, for the swim team they are able to keep in shape, whether it be between other sports or year-round. It gives them the opportunity to bond as a team and make some great friendships. It helps to teach life lessons that will always stay with you and can give you a better attitude overall.

“I would like to see more students get involved with a sport, club, or after school activity.” Tovar says, “Pursue excellence and success pursues you.”