New Teacher Feature


Chloe Fleming, Editor in Chief

As THS begins a new year, we had to say goodbye to many of our beloved teachers, but we also get to meet many new ones. It has only been a few weeks into the school year, and our new teachers are already making their mark on our school by sponsoring clubs and taking on new challenges! Most of the new teachers at THS can agree that they are most excited about the programs that they get to lead.
“This will be my first year as a Head Coach for baseball,” Future 101 teacher, Jesse Smallwood says, “I cannot wait to get started!”
While many of our new teachers are coaching sports, some are excited for the added challenge of an administrative role.
“[I am most excited for] taking on the challenge of being the Athletic Director.” Credit Recovery instructor, Rick Byers says.
Other teachers are more excited about the bond and relationship they are able to grow with their students.
“I am excited to get to know my students,” Biology teacher, Milissa Doolin says, “and build the relationships.”

While our teachers are very excited about starting off the new school year, this year will also present some challenges. These challenges can come from being back in school after many months, still having the pandemic to contend with, or even just getting in the groove of school again.
“Some students haven’t been in a classroom for 17 months due to the pandemic and I believe it has had an impact on our students.” Doolin says, “They have missed out on being around friends, they learned virtually which looks different, and they missed out on the hands-on activities and labs that are conducted in biology.”
Another challenge that students and teachers who are involved in sports this year will face, is the short amount of time that they will have with their coaches. This is especially hard for the graduating seniors and coaches.
“I think with being the new baseball coach, one challenge I have is only getting to coach our seniors for one year.” Future 101 teacher, Jesse Smallwood says, “So how can I get the most out of them in one year while making sure they can get to the next level!”
While the pandemic presents its challenges in school, it is also having a large impact on our world today.
“This year will definitely have its challenges.” Tenth grade English teacher, Casey Robinson, says, “My biggest worry is making sure I keep my students and myself safe from the pandemic as it continues to have a huge impact on our country.”

Now for some fun facts about our Teachers!

Byers: “I’m the youngest of 13 siblings.”
Johnson: “ I love to do puzzles!”
Lynch: “I have 3 sons and 3 dogs.”
Doolin: “I have an identical twin sister.”
Robinson: “I have performed in more than 15 performances throughout my life and am actively involved in the theatre community in our area.”
Hall: “I lived in 3 different country’s (Italy, Chile, Brazil) playing basketball in a span of 2 years. Before coming back to play in the NBA g-league.”
Smallwood: “I have been to Florida 47 times.”