Senior Q&A

Senior Q&A

Gilberto Reyes, Reporter


It’s only September and the Senior students are already feeling some type of way about graduating this year. The seniors were happy to explain how they feel about graduating this year and talk about something impactful that happened to them in their Turner High School years.

“I feel good about it,” Carlos Valenzuela said. “It’s just crazy to think that we’re about to graduate, not that long ago we were freshman.”

Four years may have pass pretty quickly, but so many important moments happen in the meantime.

“One of my most impactful things to happen to me was back when I was a sophomore and a junior in Mr. Ball,” Valenzuela said. “He would always help me out, and he would try and make the class more entertaining.”

Many teachers try different ways to make the students learn better or make it fun, so they can make them feel more comfortable. One of the other biggest impacts high school can have on you is the friends you make.

Kayla Phimmachanh

“It’s kind of sad, because I don’t think I’ll be able to graduate with my close friend, since she transfered out of school, but happy at the same time because I don’t have to do homework.” Kayla Phimmachanh said.


Graduating could be hard sometimes because you want to share that feeling with someone, like a close friend. One of these impacts was when Covid came along.


“Yes and no [COVID impacted me], I’ll say yes because when I did edgenuity I was kind of a little behind and working every day,” Phimmachanh said.  “No, because I would go out.”



Covid was hard last year, and caused many students to fail or perform badly. Moving on could be a struggle sometimes, but you move one day at a time

Nick Garza

“I feel excited and nervous,” Nick Garza said. “I’m happy to be moving on, but then again I know the real world can be a struggle at times. I’m just going one day at a time.”

Many would be excited to graduate, but don’t know the real world that’s coming and that is when people get nervous about graduating.  Coaches also give students impacts to make them learn new things that they haven’t learned.

“My most impactful things in high school were my teacher Mrs. Smith, she taught me determination and to not give up,” Garza said. “I would also say my coaches Mr. Church and Coach Rodriquez were both very important people in my high school years.”