The Corny Truth about Candy Corn


Jason Toe, Reporter

Every seasoned Trick-or-Treater is after the answer as to which Halloween candy is seen as the best Halloween candy.

I have asked multiple people this question and they mostly said candy corn which is understandable. Candy corn is seen as “The Halloween Candy”.

When people think about Halloween candy they think about candy corn. In my opinion candy corn doesn’t taste that great and isn’t really anyone’s favorite!.

Now the second Candy they mentioned was Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, which I understand. Reese’s are very tasty and hold their own as the best Halloween candy. Another popular treat on many lists may not really be a candy after all. This “candy” is called sour patch kids. Now I like sour patch kids because it sours then sweet, but are they traditional?

There are also Kit Kats which is also one of my favorite candy but I’m not sure if it also counts as Halloween candy.

While everyone has their own opinion on which candy counts as Halloween candy or which Halloween candy is the best.

This is my list in order of which Halloween candy is the best. 1. Reese’s, 2. Kit Kats , 3. Sour patch kids, 4. Candy corn.