The Windmill KC: Home of The Golden Bear Coffee

The Windmill KC is a place everyone should check out, especially our Turner residents!



Cool Retro Lobby of the Windmill KC

Alyssa Langton, Chief Reporter

The Windmill KC was established in 2020, at the peak of the pandemic. This space was created to be a place where you could come stay, get a coffee and feel at home. This is a place where you can meet with friends, and family or even meet someone new. The energy at The Windmill is different from any other coffee shop. This small business has become a part of many people’s daily routines. The Windmill KC is close to home! It is located right across the street from the Turner Rec Center.

Here the owners are Leah Hermida and her mom Debra Ybarra. Hermida and Ybarra’s goal for the windmill was to be a place where the community could go, “especially for coffee” Hermida said. Their overall goal is to bring the community together. When asked how the pandemic affected their business Hermida said “I feel like it did not. There were so many things closing at the time and we kind of benefited from that.” Here all of the workers are so welcoming and kind. Hermida is a loving friend who will sit and talk with you during your entire visit. When asked what she likes about turner she stated “What I love about Turner is how tight-knit the community is. Here everyone can be family.” Her advice to future business workers is “To be consistent with what you do. Even when you don’t want to show up. Show up. Sometimes you get tired, but that passion will come back and can be so rewarding.”

The menu has a variety of different things. From the signature Turner drink to smoothies topped with whip cream. One of their most popular drinks is “The Golden Bear”. Hermida said her favorite item is the “Chorizo burrito and probably what we are most known for.”

When asked what Hermida loves most she stated “I love that people could just come, laugh and have a good time. It is so great to see people’s relationships grow here.” The Windmill KC is a place everyone should check out, especially our Turner residents! Here enjoy, good food, tasty drinks, and a wonderful atmosphere.

The Windmill’s address is 840 South 55th Street. Their hours are Tuesday-Friday 6:30 AM-3 PM and on Saturday their hours are 8 AM-2 PM.