THS Winter Guard is Coming!

“I am so excited to see what they can do.”


Emily Del Rio, Staff Writer

Winter Guard is a sport in which performers are known to use colorful flags, rifles, and other varieties of equipment while performing choreographed dances/routines to music. This sport is done indoors in a gymnasium and can be for competition or entertainment. Throughout the season, winter guard will perform at basketball games, pep rallies, and other school events. This year 13 students have tried out for Winter Guard. Coach Gigstead, who is also a teacher here at THS states   This is the second year Turner has had a Winter Guard. Last year we had a team of 5, now we have 13!”. This year’s tryouts consisted of two days, during these days students were expected to run drills such as drop spins, flourishes, back scratchers, extensions, satellites, and pop tosses.

As this is only the second year of winter guard. Last years guard members were able/encouraged to sign up to be captains for this year’s 2022-2023 season. Coach Gigstead states she chose Ruby Cruz-Flores as captain because “Ruby showed character, grace, ambition, and leadership skills in both her application and prior year performances. Ruby has taken the time to learn new skills on her own, improve style and even create the choreography for this season’s routines.”

As this is Ruby Cruz-Flores second year in guard she states “I had a fun time, had a lot of memories, and I wanted to do it again! I enjoy making the band look pretty and they make us sound good. I think it is interesting learning new moves and feeling more confident. This season we have more people so I think the choreography will look pretty and maybe will have an even bigger team next year.”

Cored Jones is also on the Winter Guard. “My friend Ruby, who is also captain really pushed me to tryout this season. I am really glad she did, and I can’t wait for the experiences! I’m excited and scared to perform in-front of people.”.

Natalie Galvan who was previously on the color guard team says “I am trying out again because I had lots of fun with color guard, and I believe winter guard will be better because I don’t have to march. I enjoy all the things we use, like spinning flags. I’m excited to learn riffle, for a new team, and our new routine “Confidence”. I just can’t wait!”.

As performances are about to begin Gigstead said “I hope the team has fun. We plan on learning at least two maybe three routines and I would love to see them continue to next year as part of the Marching Band Color Guard.”