Tips For Finals


Nico Facio, writer

With finals around the corner here are some tips to help you prepare for your tests.

  1. Turn in any missing assignments – Turn in all missing assignments you have a week prior so that it can boost your grade and will also help with your finals.


  1. Study at least 3 days before – Study as much as you can for your finals so that you’re prepared and you don’t stress over your test.


  1. Review the night before – It’s best to review the night before so it can still be fresh in your mind, but don’t study to late as it isn’t as effective and can lead to more stress.


  1. Take breaks – Although it’s good to study you don’t want to over study, as it would stress you out so it’s good to take breaks every now and then and let your brain relax.


  1. Stay organized – Staying organized helps to reduce stress and will also help you prioritize certain subjects.


  1. Good night sleep- The most important thing before a big test is to get a full night of sleep so your brain can remember what you’ve studied.