Day in a life of a student athlete

Kheira Jones

Princess Horton is a soccer athlete. Being an athlete requires being prepped and ready to go for your game. This is a day in a life of a student athlete of Princess. First thing she does when its game day is get up, take a shower and get ready for her school day. Next thing is making sure her athlete bag is packed. Double checking that she has her shin guards, both her home and away jerseys. Both. Her cleats. After she has her bag packed and ready to go, she fills her water bottle up, specifically with ice. Once she’s at school she drops her athlete bag off at her coach’s room. During the school day when she has time, she watches a few soccer games trying to find a few tricks or techniques to do during the game. After school she gets ready in the locker room for her game. When she gets down to the field she warms up and preps her team the game. After the game if they win then they usually congratulate people who do well, talk about what they can approve on and take pictures. After a lose the sit down and again talk about what they can approve on and what to do better on next time. When she gets home, she takes a shower and gets ready for the next game or practice. That’s the day in a life of princess Horton.