Choir Seniors Q&A


Ava Dixon, Reporter/Writer



Josephine Yang


How long have you been doing choir? What made you join?


“Four years, but if you think about it, it’s more like three because last year I decided to do online only. But Miss. Hanna was gracious enough to put me on the hoodies and stuff for the choir merchandise, so I guess four. My brother was in choir and that made me be like, “Wow, well maybe I should join,” and in seventh grade I had a really big head, and I would sing in front of the whole entire class, and everyone said I was good and then I thought I should join choir and I really loved it.”


What is your favorite memory you’ve had in choir?


“Probably going to anything KMA related. Going to the audition was great because I got to be around all my friends and spend a Saturday with them just hanging out and being so happy to be around each other. Also, when I had gone to district it was super fun, it was a great experience. I got to meet new people, be around people I really loved, and appreciate music.  At All-State, I was the only person and the first person from Turner to ever go they’re for choir. It was a big deal, but I loved it because it forced me to be in a different environment and I had to interact with new people. It was a great experience.”


In what way had choir impacted your life?


“It’s impacted me so much because I’m so much more confident than I think I would have been had I not been in choir for all four years of High School. It’s really given me a community that I just really love and really appreciate. I’m so happy to have met all these amazing people. At the beginning of the year, I told Miss. Hanna I don’t remember how to sing and then I made it to All-State.”


Do you plan to Continue Singing in the future?


“Yes. Before I went to All-State, I had pretty much decided that I didn’t want to continue choir into collage because of what I’m majoring in. What I’m majoring in, I’d have to try and balance the both of them. But after All-State, it really made me realize that I really loved that environment, and I would be so sad to lose it. So, I do plan to continue it.”



Zoe Metzger


“I’ve been in choir since eighth grade year. I was in choir at my old school, so I just wanted to stick with it. I heard the High School program was really good so I stayed with it.”


“I have two. One of them is moving to Golden Tones my first year because it was a really big deal. My second one is when Miss. Hanna told us that she was pregnant for the first time.”

“I think I’ve grown a tone from choir. It’s taught me a lot of confidence especially freshman year and sophomore year. Being in Golden Tones and being with all the upperclassmen taught me a lot about myself and how to be a real person. I also made a tone of friends that I don’t think I would have made otherwise or connected with.”


“If I can, I want to. I don’t know what’s really going to happen next year.”



Samantha Soto Silva


“I’ve been in choir for four years. I have done it since Elementary School, and I enjoyed it, so I wanted to continue it.”


“It’s hanging out with my friends and being around my friends. Especially for concerts and any outside activities.”


“It’s given me a reason to come to school some days. Every time I come to choir, I’m having fun and am excepted by everybody.”


“I’m planning on joining a choir in my college.”



Sam Gray


“If I just count middle school, this year will be my sixth year in choir. I had Miss. Hanna when I was in fifth grade and I knew she was coming up to the High School, so I stayed in choir. It’s a thing that I like, and I knew that I was going to do it. I’ve always enjoyed it. We went to KMBA, which is a music festival for choir kids. I got to read music, I got to sight read it, and I got to watch a bunch of groups perform. It’s just something I’ve always liked to surround myself with.”


“Recently, our smaller groups went to regionals, and we got a 1. Matter of fact, all of our choir groups this year got a 1. So, seeing that Singers and Golden Tones had both gotten a 1. Seeing the overall joy of it is my favorite memory. Seeing how everyone’s face lit up and we were the only ones jumping and yelling in the hallway. It was very cool.”


“Choir has always been there. Recently, just last year, my friend passed. It was the support system I had built for myself in the choir department. I knew that if I was having a tough day I could just go to Miss. Hanna, and I would have that kind of support. Especially with the kids, like last year’s seniors, we were really close. The best thing is that support system has really helped me find my footing in High School because when I started, I didn’t really care about school and now I do care about it and I’m going to college because of it.”


“I’m going to Emporia State University and I’m going into Music Education.”



Alex Garcia-Cox


“I’ve been in choir since seventh grade. I really liked to sing when I was little so when I joined when I was in Middle School, I thought it was pretty cool.”


“Probably my freshmen year. We did this really beautiful piece for our winter concert. We had to stay after school one time because it was so hard. Just the whole staying after experience with everyone was awesome.”


“It’s definitely made me more out there. I’m not as shy as used to be. I’m definitely not that outgoing but I don’t cower in a corner anymore. It’s helped me grow a lot.”


“When I graduate, I hope I can. When I got to the big four-year school, I’m going to join some other choirs.”



Joshua Guerrero-Maldonado


“I’ve been in choir for two years now. At first, I was doing theater, I started doing a musical during sophomore year. When I did that, I thought I should join choir to see if I had any talent in singing. I started to enjoy it more, so I wanted to do it another year.”


“There was a day last year, our junior year, we had a karaoke day. We had to pick each song and there were some people who picked good songs and some people who picked really goofy songs. It was really funny.”


“I met more people through it. I feel more connected to those friends than any other classes. Cause we all work in a group, to sing, each song that we practice we have to practice it together.”


“I don’t know. If I get the chance, yes, I would love to.”



Julianna Pierce


“I joined the last semester of last year, so I’ve been in it for a year and a half. A lot of my friends were in choir. I did choir in Middle School, and I just wanted to try it here again.”


“I would have to say defiantly when we sang Twelve Days of Christmas in Golden Tones. We all got cute little parts, I played Rodolph the red nose reindeer. So, I think that was defiantly my favorite. We were all dancing around and having fun during the concert.”


“I’ve developed as a different person, and not even just as a singer. Being in choir helped me handle my emotions, Miss. Hanna is such a big help with that. I defiantly think it’s impacted me quite a lot.”


“I now want to do choir in college. Since I love singing and I love being in choir, I think I’ll do it as a little side thing and just have fun. But I don’t think I’ll be doing it as a career.”



Lydia Johnson


“For four years. I was in choir in eighth grade, and I just had a passion for music.”


“My 2019 winter concert.”


“It’s made me want to work better in school because I have to have good grades to stay in all of my choir classes.”


“Yes, I’m going to try and find a club because the college I’m going to doesn’t have a choir. So, I’m going to see if there’s a club I can join.”



Cloie Metzger


“Four Years. Mr. Grinter, at the middle school, he talked me into doing it and leaving band. I’ve been in it since.”


“Probably when I found out I got a 1 on my solo for contest.”


“It helps me cope a lot with things I’m going through outside of school. It just keeps me in a good mood.”


“Absolutely, for college.”



Melanie Cox


“Eight years. At first, I was put into it and I didn’t really like it that much. But then once I started doing it and having all the songs that we did it started to mean something to me.”


“I’ve had a lot. But this year, it has to be everyone getting a 1 at contest.”


“To be honest, it’s the only reason I’m passing High School. Without it, I don’t know. Miss. Hanna is one of my main focuses and it’s the only thing that pushes me.”


“Yeah, I actually plan on being a choir director.”