Letter From the Editor: Senior Says Goodbye

Rosa Reyes, Reporter

senior managing editor Rosa Reyes reads
the latest issue of The University Daily
Kansan. Photo by Abbi Epperson.

It feels weird to say goodbye to a place I haven’t been in almost two months but here we are.When I started this school year, I couldn’t wait for it to be over. First semester was filled with bad jokes, coffee, work, and planning for a future that wasn’t more than a fairytale dream.Second semester seemed like a dream in the beginning.I finally had a schedule that I genuinely loved and was excited for most days and could leave after fifth hour to eat and let’s be real, take a nap, before heading off to work. 

This year truly started off like a movie for me.I had a job I loved, I became managing editor of the school paper – something I had literally been working towards my entire high school career, and I had an extremely fulfilling internship. Things were finally looking up.The only issues I had to work out were who was going to write what story and when the paper was going out.Well, that’s a lie, but I think constantly stressed was my go to.

Never mind that January was filled thoughts of war between the U.S.and Iran, the death of 9 civilians in a helicopter crash including NBA icon Kobe Bryant, and three major shootings.But we could go to school and for a couple of hours we could laugh with our friends, groan at assignments that seemed to last forever and stress over life after high school.February was met with more conflicts and cases of the coronavirus spreading.But it hadn’t set in yet.

And then March happened.As fear spread through the nation so did an overwhelming disappointment through the class of 2020.Or maybe that’s just me being a middle child and disappointed that while both my sister had/will get their senior proms and actual graduations I don’t get to share those same experiences with my friends that became family.

We said our last goodbyes on March 12th instead of in May dressed in our caps and gowns, demanding that our favorite teachers accept our friend requests on Facebook.Even with our rescheduled graduation in July it won’t be the same.

So goodbye Turner High School.Thanks for the memories of cross country meets, wrestling tournaments, jumping up and down with teachers when I got accepted into college and was made managing editor of our paper – a literal dream come true.Nothing could beat being able to get to know you, in some cases help shape you, and I am so grateful for these opportunities you have given me.I’m off to New Orleans now, but somehow you’ve made it so I have a chance there.