Sports Cancelled by Covid

Chloe Fleming, Editor in Chief

Due to the Coronavirus all spring sports were cancelled. Although there are still plenty of opportunities for our underclassmen to get back on the field, for the seniors, their final chance at a high school season was cut too short.How has this impacted the seniors who were supposed to be playing these sports? 

The cancelation of the season has been described as heartbreaking and devastating.For the 2020 seniors this was their last chance to play a sport they loved with all of their friends, teammates, and coaches.Senior, Lillian Taylor says, 

“I was extremely upset,” senior Lillian Taylor says.“Especially since it was out last time on the field, not having a final goodbye was very heartbreaking.” 

The year may not be over, but for many seniors, sports were supposed to be a part of their farewell to THS.Senior Erika Ortiz was a member of the softball team and had high hopes for her final season. 

“I was devastated that the rest of the season was ripped out from under me,” Ortiz said.“It was something I was looking forward to.” 

Sports have allowed the seniors to become a family and go outside of their comfort zone to make friends they wouldn’t have met otherwise.Being teammates has allowed many people to make amazing friendships that will last a lifetime.

“I feel like sports had brought the class of 2020 together more than anything,” Taylor said.“It gave a family-like feel and has built some of my greatest friendships.” 

Some things the seniors will miss are seeing all of their friends, the coaches, the practices, and spending time with friends during pre-game.

“I think the thing I’ll miss most is the day to day practices with my classmates and coaches,” Ortiz said.

Though the seniors will miss out on their final sports season, they still have the resources to keep in contact with their teammates, and hope to stay a team and a family well beyond high school.