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Junior Paul Wise Dispels Rumors

Chloe Fleming, Editor in Chief

Junior Paul Wise has attended Turner since his sophomore year. However, many do not know him or only know him for the nickname of “Rapture Kid”. This title given to Wise is false, as he does not speak on the rapture. He does in fact, speak on bringing people to religion and evangelizing.

Wise is known for standing at an intersection holding up a sign. It may seem wild now, but it all started with a simple thought, “Where it started off was, I was looking at my neighborhood and I’m thinking, we should have more talk about Jesus. Instead of just going to church on Sunday, we should have more through the week. So, I decided to spend money on a poster and some markers, and I’m going to write a message. One of my favorite messages is ‘religion doesn’t save, Jesus does’ and on the back, it says, ‘starve your distraction, feed your focus.’” 

Wise says that he receives mixed feelings about his posters, but he also says that he likes that he can make a change and that it is very encouraging.

“Oh yeah, so people that knew me, before God, knew that I would work out in the summer, in the winter, if its snowing, raining, super-hot, it didn’t matter.”

His goal is to go outside at least once a week and hold up his sign for 1-2 hours at a time.

Social media, a platform used to endorse many things can be seen as an obstruction to religious beliefs.

“Social media is basically used by 6 billion people, so almost everyone is using it,” Wise said. “You look at religion, people know about it, it might not be talked about a lot, but they know about it. When it is talked about it can be either an argument, a cool moment to learn, or it can go so many ways.… People that speak the truth mostly get censored and blocked because they’re spreading the truth.” 

Wise is very passionate in his pursuit of Jesus, and his efforts to bring others to Jesus as well. He would describe himself as an evangelist and a leader. He hopes to bring the word of God to many people, and not only to just bring it to them, he wants to go through the struggles that may come along with them.