Volleyball Survey


Courtesy photo – Bishop O’Dowd High School

John Hung, Gilberto Reyes, and Nico Facio

We took a survey regarding having a men’s volleyball club or team in high school. Some of the staff at THS newspaper believe that men’s volleyball is appropriate and beneficial in high school and wanted to see what others at Turner High School think.  This is what the some of the students had to say about it.

“I think we should have a guy’s volley team because it’s would a new experience for kids that want more options in sports,” junior Cristian Alvarado said. “And it’s for the guys and we can bond together grow a connect with it. Also, it’s a sport turner can look forward to if it does happen.”

Although Turner does not yet have a men’s volleyball team, those on the women’s volleyball team had their own opinions. They were considerably supportive of the idea.

“A lot of boys are interested in volleyball and I feel like it’s important to have this sport for all genders,” junior Hailey Her said. “It’d be a lot of fun and would have a lot of participants that have been waiting for this!”

In some states like California and Texas, and parts of Kansas, there is volleyball for both genders. Its seems otherwise in Local Kansas City public schools.

“YES! A couple years back I tried my absolute hardest to get a guy’s volleyball team,” Senior Makayla Brown said. “But Kansas does not support men’s volleyball unfortunately.”

The majority of the students agreed to wanting to have a men’s volleyball club or team. Kansas City public schools are not supportive of men’s volleyball at the moment and is a controversial topic, but Turner high school would like to see one soon.

This is the graph that shows those who support and those who do not support (John)