Q & A with THS Soccer Captains.


Merry Miguel-Mendoza

Freshmen Arnulfo Ibarra, scores a goal against Washington High School and celebrates with his team.

Merry Miguel-Mendoza, Reporter

Turner High School started their season strong by winning against Bishop High School. The Varsity Team has 4 captains who won their place by showing sportsmanship, teamwork, and positive thinking.

Three young talented men who showed these qualities are Martin Figueroa, Nicholas Alvarado, and Gabriel Villegas.


Martin Figueroa:

Q: How do you support your team?

A: To help my teammates out the field and inside the field. In the field If we’re losing, I tell them to stay motivated, keep playing well, and to give everything on the field. Outside the field I help them with their classes and help them pass.

Q: How is it going so far?

A: It was a good game we won! But I think we can get better and play more as a team. Since it was the first game, we can get better.

Martin Is a senior, this is sport is something he is passionate about and is trying to get the best out of his last year.



Nicholas Alvarado:


Q: What are the goals you have for the team?


A: My goals for the team are to keep everybody on track, do what we are supposed to be doing, and go out there and win some soccer games.

Q: What qualities make a good leader?

A: Being a strong leader, having good sportsmanship, and being a responsible person.


Nicholas is a Junior in high school ready to show the qualities he has to the team.



Gabriel Villegas:


Q: What are some things you guys need to help your team work on?

A: As of right now, we have a lot to work on. Such as positioning in the midfield, communication in the backfield, we also have to make sure to keep the freshman in check since they tend to mess around a lot.

Q: What’s a goal you have for the team?

A: I just hope we try our best and play well.

Gabriel is Senior, he is making the best out of his last high school soccer season. He is passing his high school soccer experience to others who are new to all this.