Homecoming Spirit Week

homecoming spirit week

Merry Miguel-Mendoza, reporter

The spirit committee from StuCo pulled together a spirit week for homecoming week. StuCo made things such as posters online and on paper so the school could get notice of what the days were going to be. The most successful day was y2k/ 2000’s. Everyone went all out for this day. Especially the football team and soccer team. They participated the most.




On Monday it was PJ Day. Students came in their comfy pj’s to school.







On Tuesday it was y2k/ 2000’s. It was the most successful, mainly because people would borrow, their parents’ old clothes.







On Wednesday it was Western/ Takuache Day. A lot of students felt connected to this style because it’s based off their lifestyle. Some students work on a farm or go horse riding.





On Thursday it was Nerd vs Jock Day. You could either dress up as a super smart kid aka a nerd or a tough kid aka a jock.










On Friday it was Neon Color Day. Students dressed up as the color that was assigned for their class. Freshmen had yellow, Sophomore’s
orange, Junior’s blue, and Senior’s pink.




The Assembly Committee planned out an assembly for the school. This assembly took place Friday. The classes went up against each other by who had the most spirit. The class that won were sophomores.