Squid Game Review


John Hung, Writer/Reporter

What is the one show everyone is talking about right now? That’s right – “squid games.” This show is about death game contestants who are deep in debt due to current society, and they play a series of six childhood games to win a whopping 45.6 billion won ($38 million in American currency).

This hit show’s popularity skyrocketed with viewers and with fans tuning in all over the world, it was expected to have good ratings and viewership. This show is growing faster than any other Netflix show and is the No.1 among the US Netflix viewers across the age of 18-29. The hype around this is well deserved with all the good ratings.

Every little detail in the production, the acting, plot, characters and their developments, designs, and everything was perfect. Arguably some of the actors could have done better but the emotions and effort they put into productions were great, so kudos to the cast.

This show is exciting contains thriller, mystery, and shows the horrors of social inequality and the unfairness in current capitalism in Korea. The sets are clever and give the right tone of mood. I’d give this show a 4.8/5.  I highly recommend this show to anyone with a taste in thriller and or mystery or just anyone in general.