🍀 St. Patrick’s Day🍀


Alyssa Langton, Reporter

Don’t forget your green this St. Patrick’s Day! It’s coming up Thursday the 17th. St. Patrick’s Day dates back to the ninth or tenth century! Saint Patrick was a Saint of Ireland. Although St. Patty’s Day originated in Ireland the famous parades started here in the United States. One tradition that is very cool is in Chicago, Illinois. They dye a 156-mile system of rivers and canals green. Two of the most iconic things everyone thinks of about St. Patrick’s Day are a Leprechaun and a four-leaf clover. These are valuable to the holiday because they are thought to give off magical protection. St. Patrick’s Day overall is a symbol of good luck.

Although last year in KCMO there wasn’t a parade due to Covid, there will be one this year near Uptown Theater. The parade in KC starts at 11 a.m.! (There is a link attached with more information on the parade) Kansas City, Missouri has the third largest Saint Patrick’s Day parade! The first parade in KCMO was in 1973!

Fun Facts about The Holiday:

  • Leprechauns are based on Celtic Fairies
  • Shamrocks were considered a sacred plant
  • A common idea people have about this holiday is that Saint Patrick got rid of all the snakes in Ireland. (This isn’t true! There are no snakes in Ireland.)
  • One rule of St. Patty’s Day is wearing green! If you don’t, you might get pinched!

So, now that you know all about this holiday, have a good St. Patrick’s Day and good luck to you!


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Information on the parade in KC: https://www.kcirishparade.com/